The Wizards, the Fates, and the Darkness that Waits


The waters of the Splinter Sea were wild that night, so wild that no ships were sailing. The clouds were thick, so thick that none could see the purple glowing haze coming from the small cave on the eastern slope of Mount Mox. The wind was furious, so furious that no bird nor Dragon would be foolish enough to brave the skies. It was only on nights like these that the High Council of Wizards met.

That night’s meeting held a special significance and was sure to stand out in the ultimate history of the Wizard’s Council. The subject at hand was Dark Energy, a great secret that in spite of the best efforts of the Wizards, was becoming known throughout the Splinterlands. There were important questions to be answered, decisions to be made, and if the Wizards did not act quickly, the foolish Dragons would make the decisions for them.

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Archmage Arius

Brooding cross-legged on a cloud, floating in the corner of the cave was the Archmage Arius. It was clear to the others that he felt these meetings beneath him. With his ability to travel anywhere in an instant, the activities of Arius were a mystery. It was rumored among the Gloridax that he is merely a visitor from another dimension, which is not far from the truth.

Aggrodius Lightbringer

Aggroedius Lightbringer was pacing the stones near the cave’s entrance, nervously watching the storm tear the Splintral skies asunder. “Has anyone received a message from Garibolius? Why he insists on traveling by Pegasus in a storm like this I cannot imagine.” There was no response to his query.

Garibolius the Old

It’s true, the oldest among the Wizards’ Council had (in his later years) become the most reckless. He had little regard for punctuality, especially in a Pegasus-riding opportunity such as that night. Aggrodius wasn’t nearly as worried as he seemed; the old fool was probably out riding a funnel cloud. Still, If Garibolius the Old did not arrive at tonight’s meeting, the Council would be deprived of his advice on these important matters.

Yabanius the Architect

Seated on a stone stool in the light of a torch, the Architect was caught up with the calculations in his head. Yabanius was the one who had not only discovered Dark Energy but also learned the secret ways of extracting it from all lifeforms in the Splinterlands. He knew that whether or not it was harnessed by the Wizards’ Council, Dark Energy would always be there. If they did not capture the Energy for the good of the Fates, much more sinister forces would surely take advantage.

Berlius the Strong

In a sudden flash of lightning, a huge hulking figure was silhouetted climbing into the mouth of the cave. Any onlooker would have expected the Wizards to be frightened by the appearance of such a monster in their secret meeting, but they had nothing to fear from monsters. This Wizard’s name was Berlius the Strong. Berlius could travel freely between this dimension and the Realm of the Fates. This monstrous physical form was simply the one in which he preferred to be presented.

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Archmage Portia

Lady Portius was the next of the Wizards to arrive, hovering through the downpour protected by some fancy magical shield. She landed lightly, shook off her forcefield and strode calmly to Aggroedius. After a moment of looking in his eyes, she suddenly and viciously slapped him in the face. “They know! They all know!” she shouted, now at everyone in the cave.

“We all knew the time would come,” said Archmage Arius coolly without leaving his cloud. When he spoke, everyone was jarred to attention, as if by some complex mind-control spell.

“So why are you slapping me?” Aggroedius exclaimed as he retreated to a safe distance from Archmage Portia.

“You are the one who consorts with all these… these monsters. Lower life forms! You married one of them, you have had children with them! How could we not have seen that you would become emotionally involved? These creatures are to be our vehicles for the delivery of Dark Energy, nothing more.” A long silence followed while everyone realized that she was probably right. Aggrodius Lightbringer was most likely the one who had released the secret, and now it could never be taken back.

Archmage Arius spoke once again: “It is no matter. Everything is working according to the grand design. Let them realize some of the truths of Dark Energy… Their knowledge will barely scratch the surface of our power.”

Craniax the Quick

With a sudden pop, there was a black and grey cloud of dust and Craniax the Quick appeared right in the middle of the tension. With a quick look around the cave, he let out a snort. Craniax always enjoyed confrontation, even if he was not present for the onset. “What’d I miss?” he croaked.

“I will not wait for Gariblius to arrive, just as he will not wait for us to wither away,” said Archmage Arius, coming down from his cloud and standing to his full, towering height. “We were discussing the leaking of the secrets of Dark Energy, and I assure you all once again, it is no matter. Through the never-ending tournaments of the Gloridax, we shall have our fill of Dark Energy to deliver to the Fates. The foolish Dragons and their insatiable lust for glory will make the Fates more powerful than even they can imagine.”

“But what about the Lord of Darkness? He is determined to unleash the secrets of Dark Energy,” questioned Craniax. He was never quite as enraptured by the voice of Arius as the others.

“His darkness is of a different nature, and from a different place. Although our goals are the same, the Dark Lord Lagfael is being deceived, manipulated by forces beyond himself, beyond us, and perhaps even beyond the Fates.”

As the night tore on and the thunder cracked louder with every flash, the Wizards talked for hours. While the monsters of the Splinterlands shivered and trembled in the brutal wind, the High Council of Wizards talked of plans and schemes. They talked of Dark Energy and the power that is represented. They whispered of secrets new and old, and together, they caught a momentary but crystal-clear glimpse of the future.

Written by Chris Roberts, Lore Master
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