There’s real beauty in a good team. Like a precisely-calibrated machine, each piece contributes something special that is completely unique. The Splinterlands Team has been accomplishing amazing things, and will continue to exceed your expectations for years to come. That is why at SplinterLore we are proud to introduce each valued member; this is what a good team looks like.



AGGROED - Co-founder, CEO

Aggroed is the founder of the Minnow Support Project, a blockchain based public organization built to help new Steemians get a footing on the blockchain. It has since grown to 20,000 members. The Steem Blockchain is a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain. People elect others to create the chain. Aggroed has received more than 8,000 votes and has become one of the 20 “witnesses” that assemble the Steem Blockchain. He had a successful kickstarter back in 2012 and raised $21,000 with GETSOME, and now he is at it again, but this time with a blockchain based game.

Aggroed is CEO and has the skills and contacts necessary to grow the Steem Monsters Community. So far there are over 3,500 people in the Discord, over 5,800 followers on the Steem Blockchain account, over 7,500 players in the game, and we’re starting in ernest on other social media platforms.

On the Chain: @aggroed



YABAPMATT- Co-founder, CFO

Matt is a talented developer with 15 years of commercial coding experience. He’s the brains behind the program. He took the idea of “let’s make a game” and put it into collectible alpha in under month. He built the decentralized exchange in a day. He’s brilliant and is leading the development of the game.

Yabapmatt is CFO and has the skill necessary to construct the code for fighting, trading, mining, and playing!

On the Chain: @yabapmatt



ISARIA - Content and Music Director

She comes with music and writing skills. She’s the director of content and music and leads post creation, contest creation, and she’s the one the wrote and performed the Steem Monsters Splinterlands music.

On the Chain: @isaria



RESELLER - Social Media Director

He comes with the marketing connections and skills we need to help this game reach a broad audience. He has been in the collectible trading card industry for 15 years in a variety of roles helping companies (such as Sony & Disney) build and sell their games. He’s working on a Steem Monsters swag site where all your phyical and tangible Steem Monsters related stuff can be bought and shipped straight to your home.

On the Chain: @reseller


Goblin Engineer (1) small.png

NATE AGUILA - Creative Director

He’s got loads of experience putting together digital games and he’s helping us to make this game look as pretty as possible.

On the Chain: @nateguila


me zumba insta.png

CARRIE ALLEN - Lore Master & Editor -

Carrie and her husband, Chris Roberts, constructed one of the winning contest entries to build the back story of the Splinterlands. Since then they've been helping us construct not just one story, but a unified campaign setting for the whole game. She also is the webmaster/designer for this site (SplinterLore). Carrie is working with @zipporah to complete the final printable product (Campaign GuideBook). Carrie spends the majority of her days as a community builder for the STEEM blockchain, and is one of the very special Team members for the @HELPIE Witness. She is grateful everyday for the opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting adventure.

On the Chain: @carrieallen Discord: carrieallen#9415




Chris Roberts has been playing games all his life, and is thrilled to have his chance to write stories that will enrich and support this amazing game. Chris is a lover of reading, writing, fantasy. A student of theatre and literature, he is Inspired by such authors as J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov. Everything is stories, and stories can tell you everything. Chris is busy writing interesting things for you to stumble upon while navigating the SteemMonsters website and battling, not to mention more lore every day!

On the Chain: @chrisroberts Discord: chrisroberts#5514



CLOVE71 - Sales

She leads our efforts to bring in more new players one by one. She's constantly on Discord chatting away and helping new members feel at home. She also hands out packs to new players to help them get started in the game. Find her in Discord and tell her you read about her on

On the Chain: @clove71



TRAVELGIRL - Chinese Rep.

Travelgirl works with Wilhb81 putting together a Chinese & English description of the Steem Monster cards. She is also admin for the Steem Monsters WeChat group as well as two Telegram groups (1 for international users & 1 for Chinese users). Travelgirl is a blogger, vlogger and a mum who loves to play games.

”I love to travel, shop and sing karaoke! Nice to meet you all!” - Travelgirl.

On the Chain: @travelgirl



WILHB81 - Chinese Rep.

Together with @travelgirl - they’ve created and posted many Steem Monsters posts in bilingual languages (Chinese and English). They also co-manage two Steemmonsters groups (one on Telegram and another one on Wechat).
Wilhb81is a blogger and a scifi/magfi author and loves all types of online games. He is fond of gardening, DIY, composing songs, and playing with his pet cat - Bibi (the handsome tuxedo cat 😍).

On the Chain: @wilhb81