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 Splinterlands was created with an open-sourced vision. is just one way that players can interact with the game. Third parties are welcome to create their own tools for using Splinterlands cards (assets), and so far they have been crushing it. At SplinterLore, we will keep you updated on the latest Monsters tools and resources so you can get the most out of the monsters that you love.

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The OG of Monster resources. The place you NEED to go for all the thrills.

Brand new? Sign up today! It’s only $10 to get in the game. And remember, your cards are YOUR CARDS. You can hold ‘em, sell ‘em, gift ‘em or rent ‘em out! You’re in control!

Once you’re in, go to BATTLE, then HOW TO PLAY.

See you on the battle field!



This is a secure browser extention wallet available on Chrome, Firefox and Brave. It is used across the STEEM blockchain and is a godsend if you are using several different dapps (decentralized apps) or websites. KEYCHAIN was created by Steem Monsters CFO, and the blockchain’s #1 Witness, Matt Rosen (@yabapmatt).

Basically this helps safely store all your passwords and keys, plus you’re able to view/send/receive STEEM/SBD and tokens created on

If you have ANY questions or concerns- reach out!


PEAKMONSTERS - Fast/Easy/Informative Tools for STEEM MONSTERS

Created by monster fans @jarvie & @asgarth, quickly became the go-to place for everything Steem Monsters. You can easily view your (or anyone’s) collection, purchase packs, put your cards on the Market (and sell them!), buy cards on the Market, and now you can RENT your cards! This is only a few of the things PeakMonsters has to offer. Check it out. Probably best to bookmark it. 😎



STEEM ENGINE - Create Tokens & Smart Contracts

From their website:
STEEM ENGINE is a platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Steem blockchain like never before.


STEEMPEAK - The Intuitive Way to Experience Everything STEEM.

This is my favorite user interface for the STEEM blockchain. It has much to offer, including a sleek feel and lots of options on how and what to view. If you’re a content creator or blogger, this is where you want to be. The added section of being able to save templates and schedule posting really puts this above the rest.



This is a brand new site created by @niallon11 (another monster fan) filling an empty hole we all had in our hearts. If you are COMPLETELY new to the blockchain in general, this is a good place to start. It has a LOT of information and links on where to go and who’s cool (very important). Bookmark this, too. 😎

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STEEMIT - The Original Experience

This was the beginning. The very first things on the blockchain were born and shown via Steemit. And it’s still in action. In fact, as we are creatures of habit, this stays the favorite to many a Steemian. The big change: You have to use a separate website to access your STEEM Wallet. No big deal for some, a game breaker for others. You decide.

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Busy is another user interface for the STEEM blockchain that is super user friendly, with lots of options. With so many choices, you’ll get to choose what works best for you.



PARTIKO - STEEM for your phone!

This app is AMAZING! You can easily navigate what’s happening on the chain, give up votes, comment and even post! All from your phone.

VIMM.TV - Live Streaming!

Live stream all your battles! Get upvotes (maybe…😏) and spend your loot on more monsters! Or, you know, whatever.


DTUBE - Video Hosting

Dtube is basically like Youtube, with the added bonus of the blockchain. You’re able to earn votes (crypto) on your videos just like when blogging!


More to come!


We are still working on filling up this list. I know there are MANY more! Have a suggestion? Contact us!