“Dark is the future. It is only through death and decay that we may find eternal life.”

The Lord of Darkness

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Thousands of years ago, after Lagfael received his dreaded Doom Prophecy, he cloistered himself in a secret laboratory. He was determined to save the people of the world from this horrible fate. In his desperate experimentation, a Tzar of the Dark came to Lagfael and showed him the way. For weeks, Lagfael conversed with the Dark Tzar, learning much from the ways of the dark. He realized that life is the greatest suffering that exists, and it is only through complete submission to the Dark Eternity that we may be spared that suffering.

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The Dark Tzar took his leave, but Lagfael’s indelible transformation had already taken place. In the course of his time with the Dark Tzar, Lagfael had shed his original form. Now the Lord of Darkness, Lagfael worked diligently on the creation of the Dark Contract. Through this contract and harnessing the power of the Dark Eternity, he would save countless souls from the excruciating torment of life.

“In the dark of the soul there is a strong magic, an eternal magic with the power to save you from the problems of the living.” - The Dark Codex, Lord of Darkness

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Beluroc - is the only living city in the Splinter. Though it is technically part of Mortis, no Dark Eternals live there. With fresh water from the River Ehlric and the resources of the Forest of the Living, the people of Beluroc live long, happy lives with little regard for the Dark Eternals. Most likely because of the mountain wall, the Lord of Darkness has never considered overtaking Bulroc. As Beluroc is considered something of a paradise, the population is made up of all kinds different people who have migrated from all Splinters.

Black Glacier - This great glacier of solid black ice sits ominously on the southwestern edge of Mortis.

Bren-Ha - The volcano at the eastern edge of the mountain range, in a constant state of semi-eruption, creates the consistent dark and gloomy atmosphere of Mortis.

Dark Oblivions - In patches of pure darkness throughout the land, precious shadow ore can be harvested by the Dark Eternals alone and used to power their cities and boats.

Desert of Dugazi - This large region south of Galzur is filled with flowing dust and dirt; a neverending sandstorm.

Ehlric - The only flowing river in Mortis is situated on the northern edge of the Splinter, flowing from Jodjar peak through the Forest of the Living.

Eternal Highway - This magnificent highway of polished stone that runs between Utopin and Galzur was constructed shortly after the creation of the Dark Codex.

Forest of the Living - Far in the north where the living resides, this lush forest is packed with life.

Galzur - Galzur is the port city of the Dark Eternals in the northeastern corner of the Splinter. The only reason the Lord of Darkness keeps it as a city is for its valuable port location. The waters of the Splinter Sea are always calm and it is only a short distance to any other Splinter. Galzur has been destroyed by lava flows before, and if it were taken by another Splinter, the invaders would immediately be crushed. Forces from Utopin can come quickly by way of the Eternal Highway.

Jodjar - The tallest mountain in the Splinter can be seen towering over all others. It is also where the only river, Ehric, flows from.

The Pit of Roch-Sah - This dark and strange pit south of Utopin appeared during the Splintering.

Raysco Range - These mountains divide the Splinter into the smaller northern region and the vast area of the south, which is entirely Dark Eternal territory.

Tar Pits of Creation - These pits of stinking and bubbling tar may have never been witnessed by anyone living. Deep in the southern reaches of Mortis, all new souls to the land emerge from these tar pits.

Utopin - The huge city of the Dark Eternals lies directly south of Beluroc on the other side of the mountains. Utopin is the largest city of Dark Eternals containing ninety per cent of them within its bounds. With the vast quantities of shadow ore that they harvest and burn, they are able to provide energy to the entire city. Hot, running water is available for bathing and artificial light is provided for the vast, pyramid-shaped residency halls.

Written by Chris Roberts, Lore Master
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