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Welcome to the ever-expanding world of the Splinterlands. If you have a creative, adventurous spirit and a hungry heart, you may find yourself at home here. If you find joy in the whimsical, the fantastical, the dramatic or the humorous then you have stumbled into quite the rabbit hole. Won’t you see how deep it goes?

Lore is more than stories. It is an entire body of tradition. It is the Lore Masters’ wish that on the great journey through the Splinterlands, the majority of the stories be written by you, the players. This massive world, with all its twists and trials, characters and conflicts, will ultimately be created by all of us… and it will be a masterpiece.


 Do You Even Monsters, Bruh?

Splinterlands (formerly Steem Monsters) is a digital trading card game that combines elements from fantasy sports, strategy and role playing games for an enjoyable (and often profitable) gaming experience. Blockchain technology (made possible through STEEM) allows the cards to belong to you, the player. You can easily buy, sell, and rent cards for cryptocurrency.

Playing Steem Monsters each day can earn you piles of free cards, and the sponsored Steem Monsters tournaments have already given thousands of dollars back to the players in prize money. Anyone can play, and more importantly, everyone can win!

This powerhouse of a game was founded by top witnesses to the STEEM blockchain and is always being pushed to greater heights by an incredible team, hand-picked from the STEEM community. Several huge updates are on the horizon for 2019 alone. This is only the beginning for Steem Monsters. Get in the game!



Show ‘em where you Monster with a T-Shirt. We are currently working on building our Print-on-Demand site which will make it easy for us to offer a large selection of shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, handbags and more! Is there a certain Steem Monsters character that you’d like to see on a T-Shirt? We can make that happen, just get in touch! Join our e-mail list to get notifications about its release and the newest products!


Blockchain Games


At SplinterLore, it is our pleasure to promote several fantastic games built on that beautiful blockchain that we love so much: STEEM. The free transactions, huge capacity, and unrivaled speed make STEEM the perfect blockchain for gaming (sorry, Ethereum lovers).

Many of these games offer a ROI (Return On Investment), passed the expected joy from simply playing. They are not guaranteed to be profitable by any means, but they offer you something. A little incentive goes a long way, and if you’re smart, you can get more than a little something out of these STEEM games.