There are many curiosities in the Splinterlands.
Some can be answered, some cannot.  

Have a question? Ask!

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What is a Splinter?
A Splinter is a continent in the Splinterlands, because Splinter sounds better than continent. The six Splinters are each watched over by one of the Ancient Ones, the original creators of life on the planet.

A Card game with no Cards?
In Steem Monsters, each card is not a card at all, but a non-fungible token. That means that you have blockchain-backed provable ownership of your cards. They’re also significantly smarter than cardboard rectangles.

Why are there so many different monsters?
Why not? This is all fantasy, folks. Get with the program.

Why are there Dinosaurs in the Splinterlands?
We’re glad you asked. Some of the Dinosaurs emerged from the gaping Pit in Anumün shortly after the Splintering. Others crawled out of the Primordic Sea, where the Dinosaurs presumably originate.

Does everyone speak the same language?
Not at all. There is a widely spread common tongue that is conveniently indistinguishable from American English, but there are plenty of tribal languages, regional dialects and other opportunities for confusion.

Are there Humans in the Splinterlands?
Absolutely! What kind of world would it be without Humans? Don’t answer that. The largest Human civilization is the Kingdom of Lyveria, in the Earth Splinter, but Humans can be found nearly everywhere except the Burning Lands. Their delicate hides can’t take the heat.

Where is the Splinterlands in relation to this world… that we live in?
If you must have a frame of reference, the Splinterlands as we know it exists in the distant future, and extremely far away. We hesitate to say a galaxy far far away for fear that it may be trademarked by a powerful corporation, but that’s another story.

Why are there so many Dragons?
Long ago, before Helio, the Dragon god of Glory left for his golden moon, he seeded the world with his Fire Blood. Generations of intermingling with other creatures has diluted the Fire Blood, and now there are many sizes, shapes and kinds of “Dragon.” The ones with the purest Fire Blood are, quite obviously, the big scaly ones that breathe fire.

What’s in a name?
At Splinterlore, we have worked hard to make sure that our place names are the most pronounceable of any blockchain-based digital trading card game. Don’t worry, there are still a few doozies out there for you supernerds that crave exclusivity and confusion.

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