This has been in the making a LONG time.

As it turns out, books are harder to finalize than websites.

The Story: Way back in the beginning of Steem Monster time a contest was held to create the beginnings of lore for the Splinterlands. Many entered, only few succeeded. After the winning Splinters were chosen, the best were announced Masters of Lore and set to complete the editing and weaving together of the many lands. More people were brought in to design images for each Splinter (to spunk it up) and another was brought in to take the words and the pictures and make them into a book.

The words and pictures are done! We simply await formatting! Woohoo!

Once it is complete it will be a masterpiece of more than 150 pages, with everything you’ll need to create your own lore and magic!

The original plan was to have a Kickstarter to help pay for the printed books. But don’t fear! We will also make PDFs available for all!

Won’t it be just delicious to be able to hold and smell your very own BOOK?

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