Lyanna Prepares for Battle


Lyanna opened her eyes. A great breath of fresh air filled her lungs as a new sense of tingling awareness filled her body. She often wondered if, in these times of deep meditation, her body ceased to exist altogether. After years of growth as a summoner, Lyanna Natura had decided it was best to go with the flow, to not ask many questions. These were the methods she had developed for herself, and they were effective beyond belief.

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The soft grass of Summoner’s Green was wet with the morning dew, brushing cold against the back of Lyanna’s naked neck. It was nearly sunrise. At this moment in the great arena at Mount Mox, thousands gathered in a screaming throng, eager to witness what would certainly be a battle for the bards.

It was customary for summoners to be present in the arena during these pre-battle moments, but Lyanna insisted on spending one-on-one time with the planet until the last possible second. The Magi of the forest acted as her coach, going ahead of her to the Arena and assuring the Gloridax that Lyanna would appear at the proper time.

Lyanna relished for a few final seconds the beauty that surrounded her. Peeking sunlight over the ridge was beginning to illuminate some of the enchanted flowers of Summoner’s Green. Although it was the dead of winter in Anumün, the training ground’s magic stabilized the climate throughout the year, allowing flowers to bloom in perpetuity. This is where Lyanna had spent the majority of her youth, sleeping on the ground and learning from the Magi of the Forest.

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It was time for battle. Although Lyanna loved visiting the home of her childhood, she must return to the Dragons, whose teeth and claws were waiting. This was to be the final battle of the current tournament cycle, deciding the true victor and awarding a magnificent Heliostone. Lyanna’s opponent, Daria Dragonscale, was a formidable Gloridax summoner who would stop at nothing to bring glory to her Dragonsguard.

The Magi had always advised against Lyanna’s use of teleportation just before a great battle. Truly, it was mildly exhauting, but so was waiting among the Mount Mox crowds. She had tried preparing in the comfort of her home in Draykh-Nahka, but her husband was a summoner and her two daughters were summoners, and without realizing it, they would get in Lyanna’s way.

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Bidding farewell to Summoner’s Green once more, Lyanna summoned up a burst of power from the core of the planet. Using the technique the Magi taught her long ago, Lyanna would use this power to instantly travel through space, bringing her to the great summoner’s gate of the Mount Mox Arena.

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The teleportation went smoothly, but as usual, Lyanna was left with a strange sense of panic as her body rematerialized. The anxiety quickly washed away when she saw the Magi of the Forest, awaiting her arrival with a smile on his face. In his hands he held the box that contained the tools of Lyanna’s summoning. The box itself was made from the wood of the Elder Tree, and the sacred items within reminded Lyanna of the monsters with whom she held communion.

The Magi spoke not a word as he handed her the wooden box. Lyanna knew that he had done everything he could to prepare her for this moment. She turned to the great iron gate before her just as it began to creak to life, letting in shards of bright golden light as it opened. Without waiting for her eyes to adjust, Lyanna strode quickly out onto the arena floor.

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Lyanna ignored everything as she made her way to the center of the Mount Mox Arena. She ignored the shouts and jeers of the onlookers and she ignored the mighty armored Dragons surrounding the circle of battle. She ignored the cold and she ignored the Lord of Darkness, who had made the rare trip himself to strike fear into the living. She ignored the fierce Gloridax summoner on the other side of the arena, who starred flaming daggers and brandished a shining sword.

Lyanna stepped up to the stone summoner’s table and placed her box on the floor. Calmly she began removing the sacred items and arranging them in the proper order. Much like Lyanna had chosen these items, each for a purpose, the Spirit of the Forest had chosen Lyanna. And she would rise to her purpose.

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Written by Chris Roberts, Lore Master
Original Steem Post

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