Introduction to Explosions 101: A Textbook

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Welcome to the wonderful world of explosions! At the Institute of Goblin Explosions, we are confident that a complete and thorough reading of this textbook will equip the Blast-Masters of tomorrow with all appropriate safety protocols. The included Lab Study Guide offers students a chance to make explosions of their own, right here in the safety of the classroom.

Before you begin, check your textbook for structural integrity. Even the smallest scuffs, dents or scratches on your textbook could result in a tragic misfire, disqualifying you from graduation, or worse. Your professor has obligatorily notified the Fire Brigade when and where these classes will be in session, so blast easy, students.


Explosions are a useful but often destructive form of Goblin Power. Goblin innovation is centered around the goal of creating, refining and controlling explosions in all their different forms. Each form should be valued (and feared) for its own unique properties.

POW-der Explosions- Goblin Powder was invented in the science facilities of the family Gobson, circa 450 AS. When the first POWderkeg was detonated, it brought down an entire nineteen-story Gobson building, wiping out the team of scientists who developed it. Although the Goblins did not have a full understanding of this explosive black POWder, they eagerly loaded their ships with it and proceeded to attack the Water Splinter in 482. The destruction was immense, and though Gobson lost every single ship in the effort, the Pirates were crippled in the defeat.

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New generations of Gobson scientists continued sacrificing themselves to experiment with this volatile substance, learning gradually as the destruction went on. Breakthroughs came one by one with years between each, but the innovative geniuses of the Family Gobson could not deny the potential of Goblin POWder. Hundreds of Goblin scientists (and civilians) have been lost in the pursuit of this amazing tool of Goblin Power.

Today, POWder explosions can be controlled and made useful for many of our everyday conveniences. The arm-bikes that generate Gobson’s electricity make use of tiny explosions within their gears to get the most out of the applied physical force. The rail carts we ride are propelled by an unending series of POWder explosions, making travel far easier. Goblins have created a wide variety of POWder-based projectile weapons that have (finally) proved accurate and safe. We have also streamlined our shovels, picks and boring machines for a smooth and painless mining industry.

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Chemmy - There are more substances in the world than you know, young Goblin. Sometimes, when one is combined with another, a Chemmy explosion can result. Such explosions are incredibly unpredictable, varying greatly in size and effect.

With such a vast world of possibilities, comparatively little is known about Chemmy explosions. Their science, known as Chemics, is mainly geared toward avoiding explosions, except in small and extremely controlled conditions.

The greatest known example of a Chemmy explosion is the time in 862 when the mysterious pink ooze that seeped from the Fissure of Bofu collided with the waters of the River of Power. The explosion was so large that it rocked the foundations of the largest Gobson buildings, and the effect was bizarre. Every Goblin in the area at the time lived the rest of their lives with pink hair.


Magic - The third type of explosion that will be addressed in this book is the Magic explosion.
Goblins naturally have a difficult time with magic, and though we more than make up for it in our industries, Magic explosions should be attempted only rarely and with caution.

The Goblin Sorcerers of the Western Wood have grown beyond all other Goblins in the art of Magic explosions, having migrated there many generations ago from the city. While this textbook does not wish to encourage young Goblins to leave the city walls, anyone wishing to learn to execute Magic explosions must visit these Goblin Sorcerers.

This book will approach Magic explosions from a purely theoretical view.Where does magic come from? Why does some magic destroy and other magic heal? How can you benefit from magic in your life? Don’t expect the answers to any of these questions, but we will at least tell you what we know.

Now, if you have your melt-proof goggles, ear covers, and closed-toed shoes you’re ready to begin. Ask your instructor to assist you in lighting your torch. Do not overlight your torch. Do not light your torch from your neighbor’s torch. Once your torch is burning and your workbook is ready, you may turn to page one and begin.

Remember… Explode a Goblin and he’ll only explode once. Teach a Goblin to explode, and he’ll be exploding things for the rest of his life.

Written by Chris Roberts, Lore Master
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